Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                    " Seek and Ye Shall Find "    (Sermon)

When a man sets his face to dilligently seek the Lord,
He does several things first, firstly He takes his eyes

off of mens religous traditions, He then begins delving
into the word of God in study, but only AFTER, he asks

forgivness of sin, (which is anything that the person has
done, that was outside the faith and council of the Lord)

this must be done first, because the bible was written so
that people of a corrupt, (unpure heart) or who had

unforgiven sin in their lives, could NOT understand the
meanings therein. I realized this when I first started

studing Gods word. The meanings of some scriptures were
not as clear as I wished them to be, so I asked the Lord

to give me understanding. He did. When a man begins to
serve God in spirit and truth, an amazing thing happens,

the man starts giving ALL of his testimony to God, in
everything he says or does, He gives ALL of his words to

God, and needs NOT the witness of men, for his witness now
has become our Lord Jesus Christ, who directs his words

and his actions in ways that give glory to the father.
The man starts to walk IN the council of the Lord, and

everything he says becomes a reflection of Gods manifest
work and will, within the man. When this happens, the man

has forsaken all fear and doubt, and becomes totally sure
about everything that he believes. All that he speaks

is spoken out of the NEW heart that the Lord has given
him. When the man speaks out of this new heart, it will

never be a lie, so what this man says WILL come to pass
because the Lord has tamed his tongue and shows himself to

be true to His word. A prophet is born, out of the fire
of the holy spirit! Praise God!! The discernment given to

the man stays turned on, so that all that he hears other
people say will: ring true as the truth of God or it will

not ring true to Gods heart, and God will let his servant
know whether this was done by the person simply being

misinformed, or whether or not the person speaking to him
was trying to be deceitful. The man now speaks like he

knows that ALL things are posible with God, because God
"shows Himself" through "signs and wonders" that the word

of God says will "follow the believers". So if you are
seeking to know God, first repent of sin. ask forgiveness,

then study to know the meanings written in the word of
God, for the Lord sayeth "if a man wants to know Me, then

know My word!! By doing this, Christ will be your guide
in life, for all that you do and say, He will lead you

through ALL storms, and give you the desires of your heart.
His annointing will come upon you just as soon as you

decide that you want a FULL-TIME walk with Him, and NOT
a part-time "feelgood" worship that is in vain, for a man

cannot one day serve God, then return into the sin of the
world, and still be a man of God, to serve Him all of the

time, a man must consider God first, in all that He does,
for when men will always put God first, God will always

consider the man first, and make him the head and NOT the
tail. To hear Christs voice and recieve the wisdom and

council of the Lord, a man must consider WHAT the Lord
would have him to think, about anythinghe says or does.

When a man seeks the Lord like this, the Lord will FIND
HIM ! Praise God!!!!!!!!!! ManofGod

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