Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


 "WORRY Looks Around - FAITH LOOKS - UP"

Who by taking thought, can add one cubit of height onto his stature? No-one that I know of...so why worry? When we have absolute 
faith in something we fear not. 

I am not talking about the kind of fear that is good for us as in fearing GOD. I am talking about the kind of fear that is of men, which is not of GOD. When a person speaks of fearing something then they are implying that they have not faith. 

The word of GOD says " fear not for I am with you ". If GOD be "for us, than who can stand against us"? Did David fear Goliath?
Of course not because he knew that GOD was "with him."If we allow fear to prevail against us,than we are walking "outside" of our faith.

When we walk outside of our faith, then we are letting Satan plant the seed of doubt into
our minds. I do not mean that if we see a train coming, that we should not fear to step onto the railroad tracks.

For that would be like "tempting the LORD." I mean the kind of fear that says to us , at the very first signs of a sniffle, or a cold, this very well might be the flu that I have caught and it could worsen to the point where it could kill me!

Or, I better wait and go to the grocery store in the morning cause it is dark outside now. I could very well break down in this old car and wind up stranded on the side of the road, and someone may come along and rob me. 

In this same instance "faith" would think like this...I need to go ahead and go to the store, even though it has already gotten dark. I trust the LORD to keep this old car running smoothly, for it has never failed me yet. 

When we trust the LORD we tend to have positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Faith would think; I just have the sniffles, they will probably be gone before the day is over. 

Faith breeds more faith, while fear tends to breed more fear.Thinking positive begets positive thinking, while thinking negatively begets more negativity. This can cause our outlook to be good about things, or our outlook can become bad about things.

This is why it is important, to control the way we think. If we dwell on the dark side of thinking, instead of retaining positive attitudes, then this can, and in fact does create health

problems, from being over stressed. I have heard some people say; "well I just can not help the way I think about things."

This simply isn't true for the bible says to "take captive, every
vain imagination and cast it down, in JESUS name. When we learn to do this we will find that we stop having those negative 

thoughts and start having positive ones. This lets us be a lot more cheerful and have happier mind-sets about everything in general.

When we are not sure what the outcome may be, we then need to ask the LORD for his guidance, for GOD will never steer us wrong!
I once heard a famous minister say.....first GO TO THE THRONE, before you GO TO the PHONE!


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