Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                " The Apparel Of The Bride"   (sermon)

Christ is NOW preparing His bride for the marrige in
Heaven, for all whom are called HE has poured out His

spirit onto, for they have put ON the whole armour of GOD!
No weapon fashioned against them will prevail! This IS the

generation of which a huge ANNOINTING of Gods power and
signs and wonders shall He manifest Himself into, many

mighty miracles will be seen, and a huge revival for
Christs sake will sweep this nation. ..."Blessed is the

nation of whom God is the Lord". For where would be for
His comming the GLORY, if the bride of Christ was not

prepared? For it is written "from Glory to Glory" a few
things that His word is going to do, for His glory, the

generation whom walk and serve the Lord in spirit and truth
is now, and this message is the Gospel!! This is Gods

"judgement comming down" (The white horse in Revelationa
who rides, whose vesture is of blood, whom is the word of

God, upon whose thigh is written KING OF KINGS AND lORD
OF LORDS!) This is what it is going to take, to send into

the uttermost parts of the earth, to prepare the bride!
"For My word shall not return unto me void" this is what

will BE the two-edged sword of God, that rightly devides
the truth, which will bring ALL of us into one accord

of one mind, and without spot or blemish! Christ Himself
through His spirit will wash your robes! Are YOU ready

for this, because the truth MUST, be told, if you are NOT
serving God, our Lord Jesus Christ, then YOU NEED TO FIRE

To all of my beloved, brothers and sisters in Christ,

and also unto all of whom who the Father had drawn to this
site to see this message, think about it, Christ and

Satan cannot both occupy the same space, so if you are
not letting Him LEAD, you through your dance in life,

moment by moment, it is not His spirit thats YOUR PARTNER!

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