Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                " Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is Lord"!   (sermon)

The Word of God says..."blessed is the Nation, whose God
is the Lord". Are we still that nation? Could there come

a day when the Lord removes His blessing from this Nation?
Heaven Forbid. The nation that does not forsake the word

of God, but embraces it, and revels in it, this will be
the Nation that has the Lords blessing. The Churches have

become more devided instead of united, as brothers in
Christ, it should not matter what denomination a person

chooses to go to, as long as it teaches the bible and the
precepts of Christ, then in the eyes of the Lord, we should

be brothers and sisters! Too many of men's doctrines have
found their way into churchs. Some bless (actually curse)

same sex unions, which flies in the face of Gods law. Some
are pro-choice, some even advocate abortion. How much

longer can even our forgiving Lord, allow such complacency
to exsist? Men are now doing things that "undo" the works

of God, and abortion is at the top of this list! How many
children that God made, were going to grow up to be mighty

men and women of God, but through pro-choice became naught?

How many were to be prophets, but because a Godless person
declared that the fetus was just a mass of tissue, and not

a life created by God, were done away with? Men of corrupt
minds have taken literally every good thing given by God,

and turned it into the devil's workshop, yes even life
itself! For what God had made that was intended for good,

these men have turned into evil. Take marrige for example,
God made and ordained it so that men would have a helper

and lifetime companion in a wife. But men have for years
tried to redefine the instuition to include men with men

and women with women! The blessings of God that are still
on this country, I believe are still upon us because of

the true believers who revel in Gods words, and worship
Him in spirit and in truth. Will this nation become so

encompassed into defining freedom that it will totally
turn against Gods people for what they believe? Heaven

forbid. The bible speaks of a time when men's minds are
"burned as though with a hot iron" they become lovers of

themselves, without natural affection, vain people, who
have not God. Let this be a wake-up call for the righteous

to take a stand for God, to usher in a new revival of
worship, that will prepare the bride of Christ for the

second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, a church that is
without spot or blemish! We have all that we need to do

this, for the spirit of Christ is in all who will recieve
Him, and with Him, we have all that we need to be the

overcomers that Revelations speaks about. It is time to
serve the Lord with all of our mind, body, and strength,

and to do so, in spirit and truth!!

Your brother in Christ.....ManofGod

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