Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


                            " Do You Expect Miracles? "  (Sermon)

The word of God says "pray while doubting nothing, expect
to recieve" this is not verbatim, but the intended message

is the same. If you have any doubts about whether the Lord
will or will not, do what you ask, then expel them! For if

you "ask amis" you will not recieve, you FIRST HAVE to
believe to recieve. This is crucial to an effective prayer.

The word also says that the Lord will hold no good thing
back from his people, so consider first if what you are

asking is in accordance with His will. The Lord is not a
respecter of persons, so this means that He will do as

much for a new beliver as He will a person whom has served
Him all of their lives! He does NOT play favorites. He will

do ALL that His word promises that He will do, just combine
your God-given faith along with your prayers. God is still

in the miracle business, the blind are still being made to
see, cancer is still being healed, and the dead are still
being raised! Glory to God!!!!! 

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