Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                        " Tears "                    (sermon)

The very first thing that the eyes that could not see from
birth saw, was the face of a man whose voice contained

more love and compassion then even his parents had given
him. The first face he beheld, was that of Jesus. Hot

tears streamed down his face as he looked into the eyes
of the man who had softly spoken into being, the miracle

of his sight. In those eyes, he saw and felt, more love
then he ever had imagined could exsist. His emotion rolled

off his face, and fell to the ground. His heart leapt for
joy, and the lump in his throat felt as though it would

choke off his ability to speak.
Tears come in many ways:

in extreme joy, or sadness. The birth of a child, the loss
of a loved one. The victory of an unexpected blessing, as

in what was felt by the blind man that Jesus healed, or
the pain that Jesus himself encountered when He spoke to

the relative of Lazarus who was in mourning.
The deep feelings that poured fourth from the followers

of the Messiah, as the hammer of hatred drove the spikes
into his feet, at the cross.

That which moved the wise men, after following the star
which lead them to the place of where the Savior was lain.

The impact, the words had, when King David learned his son
had died. Judgment, guilt and remorse, all welled up in

a moment of time.
What must have been lain upon Mary's heart, when she heard

the words: Woman, behold thy son.
Oh how they were pricked in their hearts, when Christ's

disciples found out what Jesus meant, when he told them,
He must be lifted up.

The elation they must have had, when they knew that Jesus
had been raised from the dead!

The agony endured by the followers of Christ, when in their
hearing they heard Him say to His Father, Into thy hands,

I commend My spirit, His last breath being used as He

Yes tears can convey many emotions, as in the examples
given. May yours be those of elation, when you confess:

"Jesus is Lord" and feel His spirit come into your heart.

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