Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                       "The Lord Has Poured Out His Spirit"  (sermon)

The Word Of God says that the day will come when men shall
serve Him "in spirit, and in truth". That day has arrived!

Glory to God! All whom have the holy spirit, NOW HAVE ALL
nine "gifts of the spirit"! The testimony of Jesus Christ

that "overcomers" have is NOW! Spiritual eyes have been
opened, and spiritual ears have been opened! We now can

hear.."what the spirit has been saying to the Churches"
We will now walk in the power and authority that Christ

spoke of. We shall see more signs and wonders now, than
we ever have before. The abundant life is NOW! For all

who believe and raise their hand to recieve it! There is
much work to be done before the Church will be ready for

the return of of our Lord! This is His way of preparing us
for what needs to be done. You will hear real biblical

insights, and not watered down lessons. The spirit of
truth has come down, and the word of God shall judge each

and every one of us for Christ said..." I judge no man,
the WORD shall judge him". A line has been drawn in the

sand, and those who have tried to "straddle the fence"
will have to chose WHOM THEY SHALL SERVE! If your eyes

are not tuned to look for other peoples needs, and your
ears are not tuned to other peoples words to listen for

their needs, and pray for them, lift them up with Gods
words, and love them to the truth! And you will see God

use your words to do His work! You MUST serve Him " in
spirit and in truth" to be able to do this, but I urge

you to give it a try, and watch God work, as you speak!
A week after He poured His spirit out on me, I saw a

special on Lamb broadcasting that told of a "vision" that
Oral Roberts had, and it was explained by his son Richard

Roberts, and Kenneth Copeland, and they told of the very
same thing! God Has poured His spirit out on all flesh

as promised in the scriptures! Glory to God!
Your brother in Christ.....ManofGod

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