Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" Prophecy "

The LORD has poured HIS spirit upon all flesh. A line has
been drawn in the sand, and this is a good thing. For all

of the gifts of the spirit will come into all who are
spirit led. All nine gifts shall now manifest themselves.

Those who have the holy spirit have now become spirit
filled, there will be more miracles seen and done in the

Holy Name of JESUS in the next decade, than were seen in
the previous century. For all who are filled with the Holy

Spirit shall now have 100% faith without doubt. For their
love for God has been perfected to the point where there

is now no more fear. Their spiritual eyes and ears have
been opened and they now can explain how the word of God

works on all things natural and all things unnatural. They
now know that God is the supernatural force behind all

things that happen, for God has manifest Himself to all
of His leaders and explained that for the body of Christ

to be ready for Christs second comming, some BIG changes
have got to be made without compromise. The Kingdom of God

is now at hand, and the ones who have tried to straddle
the fence have got to decide which team they want to work

for. The time has arrived to serve God, in spirit and
truth. This was proclaimed in scriptures. They can no

longer deny God in their works, the work of their eyes
ears and hands will now begin walking in the authority

of the Word of God, and the works will not be able to be
denied! It is time to wake up, and hear "what the spirit

has been saying to the churches". Signs and wonders will
follow ALL who believe, and if you are not sure what to

believe, then just confess that you've been a sinner and
accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal saviour, and He will

open your eyes and ears, and fill you with ALL of the
spiritual gifts, so that you too can begin to serve Him in

spirit and truth, and you will be able to watch the
awesome power of God at work in your life! He will tell

you how and what to pray for, He will give you all of the
answers to anything you need answers for! He will give you

the words to say, to deliver all obstacles from your path
so that you may know how to live and do His will! The time

is now, and if you have ANY question about salvation then
confess His name and ask for forgiveness of sin, and He

will lead you in this spiritual battle, and you can be an
overcomer in all aspects of life. Your finances and all of

your needs will be met by Him! He can and will do all of
the above, if you will just do your part, and confess Him.

He is waiting and watching for YOUR answer! Say yes to
JESUS, for He is no respecter of persons, and will not

do anything for me, that He will not do for you! He is
waiting.....Say yes! And change your life for the better

in all aspects, for the abundant life that He talks about
is NOW!!! Your brother in Christ, ManofGod

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