Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                       Supernatural Spiritual Warfare with LOVE  (sermon)

The Word of God says that we ALL have a spirit!

NOTE: Every Word spoken by Jesus was His Testimony!
NOTE: He was THE witness TO The Word Of God!
NOTE: When He was lead by the spirit unto the place where

John the baptist, baptised Him, GOD was looking down upon
His Son, God gave His Son HIS spirit! ,,,"and the heavens

open up, and the spirit decended as a dove" and GOD
himself, spoke to Jesus," saying this is my son, in whom I

am well pleased!" GOD was LOOKING DOWN, while Jesus was
Looking UP! At this moment, the spirit of Jesus, GAVE

WITNESS to GODS spirit! And, the ONE TRUE WITNESS, (God
Himself, gave witness TO Jesus, and annointed Him with

Gods POWER! At this moment one has to consider these
absoloute truths:

1. When Jesus was younger, consider this also everything
he had spoken was the truth of God, for the Holy Spirit
cannot tell a lie! And Jesus WAS the (spirit of Truth).

2. With the (ONE TRUE WITNESS, the Father looking down
the entire time, Jesus was bearing witness to His Father,
(He who sent Me).

Truth was established! Not only John the baptist did
witness this, but Jesus and His Father gave witness to

each other, and the truth of Gods was established on earth!
Jesus gave witness TO The Word, and with GODS spirit he

had the superntural ability to speak GODS will into being!
Since he could look up and SEE His Father, he constantly

spoke to His Father, and gave testimony TO The Word of God
by speaking ONLY the Gods truths! Jesus knew the entire

Word of God, because the Word had become flesh , because
He was spirit that was Holy, (Be ye Holy, for I AM Holy)

For Jesus says (the words that I speak to you, they are

spirit!). The spirit OF HIS WORDS WERE HOLY!
So: because His spirit was Holy, He HAD the AUTHORITY, of

GOD! So this means that EVERYTHING that He spoke to His
Father, WAS His Fathers WILL!! For He says ,,," I speak

only what my Father tells me to speak, and I do ONLY what
He tells me to do" For He was sent to bear witness to

Gods word, in truth! Guess what! He IS STILL bearing
witness to Gods Word! Only now, he is sitting at the right
hand side of God!

Any man (a spirit) who CONFESSES IN TRUTH, that HE bears
witness to the word, by confessing Jesus name, then Jesus

WILL baptize you in the fire of the Holy Spirit, and HE
WILL TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WORDS! For by the power of God

and the Holy Spirit, they are given the AUTHORITY OF THE
WORD! From that mind bending experience on, the man takes
into His heart, a testimony to Jesus Christ! Just like
Christ did to His Father! Only a man in whom GOD is using

can take this athority! From then on EVERY WORD, that
proceeds from his mouth IS a testimony TO Jesus Christ and

The Father! The man then forever, will know Gods will
because Jesus Christ, our intersessor, whom is STILL

Looking Down, will tell them what to pray for, and HOW TO
SPEAK GODS WILL INTO BEING!! This means that every WORD

spoken by the man, WILL BE THE WORD OF GOD!

For God can only bless! Watch the signs and wonders that FOLLOW
this man, for being led by the (Holy Spirit) HE KNOWS
THE TRUTH OF GOD, and will always use it to do the works
THAT CHRIST DID! For EVERY WORK done by Christ was by

So if you have received the Holy Spirit, You can only DO
the WILL of God, for you know what it is, by KNOWING

what GOD says in their transcript! The HOLY BIBLE!
Your words HAVE THE SAME ATHORITY, by simply being
joint-heirs with Christ!

You and GOD, can WORK TOGETHER, to do Gods will, and
because you KNOW that you can do this, YOU CANNOT DO

Anything Else! Glory to God, for HE KEEPS HIS WORD,
So if YOU KNOW HIS WILL, and you have the Holy Spirit,

and can use it WITH THE WISDOM contained within it.
Stop thinking LIKE YOU, submit your will to Him, in truth

and in spirit, and HE will use YOU!
Then you will be HIS WITNESS to the WORD, and miracles

will follow YOU, FOR the GOLRY OF HIM!!
For if the grace of HIS TRUTHS, is all that HE WILL ALLOW

you to speak, than You are a person of Gods!
Everything you speak, in HIS FAITH, will be done! For if

you are PURE TRUTH to HIM in your testimony, EVERYTIME
YOU speak, then You are true to Him and You are speaking

to Jesus, and He is telling You what to speak!! And You
are speaking IT!!! For at this point, to speak anything

ELSE, would be a curse!
And the lie of the devil! For there IS NO IN-BETWEEN!!!

You are either all His and Red Hot from the fire of the
Holy Spirit, or you are in derision, and you are cursing
everytime that you open your mouth, and HE WILL SPEW YOU


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